Aid Begins To Flow To Hurricane-Hit Puerto Rico

Sep 24, 2017 |
Aid Begins To Flow To Hurricane-Hit Puerto Rico

Large amounts of federal aid began moving into Puerto Rico on Saturday, welcomed by local officials who praised the Trump administration’s response but called for the emergency loosening of rules long blamed for condemning the U.S. territory to second-class status.
In northwest Puerto Rico, people began returning to their homes after a spillway eased pressure on a dam that cracked after more than a foot of rain fell in the wake of the hurricane.
The opening of the island’s main port in th
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New Heat Lab At Uconn Will Test Limits Of Athletes, Soldiers

The Korey Stringer Institute, named for the Minnesota Vikings lineman who died of a heat stroke in 2001, has opened a new laboratory at UConn to study the effects of heat and humidity on the human body.
The $700,000 Mission Heat Lab allows scientists to monitor how athletes, soldiers and others respond to an environment that can be controlled to reach temperatures of 110 degrees and 90 percent humidity.
The lab is designed to be used by the NFL, NCAA teams, the military, apparel manufacturers
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